The Iccon International training programme is the only Scalp Micropigmentation training programme in the world to offer students the opportunity to advance their skills to the highest level of Master Trainer.

Students who wish to become the very best in the industry are required to work hard and advance through the training programme levels to eventually become a trainer themselves.

This comprehensive programme takes students from the complete beginner level, all the way to the top with our ongoing support as well as being part of a global team. Each time a student reaches a new level, their listing is updated on our world map to show their skill level.


Graduates are students who have successfully passed the Iccon International fundamentals training.

Upon completion of the fundamental training, graduates are awarded a certificate of completion, and are invited to join the Iccon International world community online training group where they can continue to receive support, enhance their knowledge and improve their skills.

To advance to artist level, the graduate should practice hard and further their knowledge by taking part in the Iccon International world community online training group, and must provide five case studies of a high standard to a trainer within six months of their certification date. If a trainer approves the work, the person is awarded the artist level.

If a longer period is required to complete case studies, the graduate can make a request to a trainer for a short extension.

It is the students responsibility to check that their trainer is an official Iccon approved trainer by contacting Iccon International directly or by checking on the Iccon international website.


Artists are people who have previously been a graduate and have produced five high standard case studies within six months of passing their fundamentals training. A level 4 accreditation and certificate for continuing professional development is awarded.

To become an Artist, a person should produce five high quality case studies within the Iccon community group  and ask the trainer for a review. If the trainer agrees that the work produced meets the Iccon international standard, artist level is awarded along with a level 4 accreditation certificate. A Iccon logo and membership number will be provided to the artist to display on his or her works to show the new title.

Artists who display their logo on their works will be added to the world map on the Iccon website and their works may be displayed on Iccon International’s social platforms and website.

To advance to the pro artist level, the artist must practice hard and continue to showcase their work where trainers will notice their  progress. He or she must stay up to date on any changes within the Iccon community training group and must have held the artist title for a minimum of six months.


Pro Artists are those who have demonstrated unique techniques in areas such as hairline creation and attended additional trainings such as masterclass or SMP workshops to advance their techniques.

To become a Pro Artist, the person must demonstrate a unique style of the SMP technique and must be able to demonstrate the creation of various hairline styles with realistic results. To become a pro artist, the person must attend at least one masterclass training or SMP workshop and be actively engaging within social groups where trainers can notice the persons level of understanding and should assist graduates to improve their skills within the Iccon community online group.

Once approved by a trainer, a certificate is awarded and the person advances to a pro artist, a new logo will be provided to display on their works to show their level of expertise. The newly pronounced pro artist will receive an updated listing on the Iccon international world map.

To advance to master level, he or she must continue to be active on social platforms where the trainers can notice their work and must assist a trainer during their training at least once.


Masters are those who continuously demonstrate their ability to perform treatments to the highest of standards, and have helped to educate others by means of tutorials and videos within the Iccon world community group. A master can assist a trainer during their training course to gain further knowledge about the training process.

To become a Master, the person must be active and confident in performing all levels of treatment and hairlines, be active on social platforms where their work can be noticed and create educational tutorial videos and provide advice to students of all levels to help them improve their knowledge and skills within the Iccon training group.

Master can also assist trainers during their training courses and be paid for it in agreement with the trainer. Masters can create studies for the trainers lessons and help students which are attending the courses .

To advance to the trainer level, he or she must attend the train to be a trainer course with a master trainer.


A trainers job is to teach students according to Iccon International rules and assist them to pass all levels. A trainer must support students during and after training within the Iccon training group to help them reach their goals.

To become a Trainer, the master must attend the train to be a trainer course. A trainer’s promise to their students is to advise them, guide them and encourage them to improve in all areas such as improving in their technique and consulting with their clients. This will be done within the Iccon world community group and trainers should respond to students no later than 48 hours.

Trainers can create lectures and further studies which can be added to the Iccon training programme if the other trainers and master trainers agree. Trainers can make recommendations about the training programme for continuous improvement.


Master trainers are those who have trained more than 50 students in one year and have been a trainer for more than one year.

Master trainers take on the role of trainers as well as support trainers by way of communication, create and approve new studies for the Iccon International training programme and help Iccon international to continuously improve by discussing new learning ideas with trainers and other master trainers.

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