What is covered during training?

Absolutely everything, from setting up a SMP clinic, where to order supplies, filling out paperwork, treatments and techniques, treating different types of hair loss, we even cover how to take the correct pictures of your clients, and how to hold a consultation. At Iccon International Training Academy, we teach you everything!

Who can attend the Beginners training course?

Absolutely anyone as no experience is required. We train people from all types of backgrounds including barbers, mechanics, full time parents etc who want to learn a new skill and enter a rewarding industry which allows them to have more free time. Whatever your background, you are welcome to join us for training.

Who can attend the Experienced training course?

Tattoo artists and permanent make up artists with a minimum of 6 months experience, proof of your training may be required before booking on to this course.

Is your training accredited?

Yes, we are an accredited Scalp Micropigmentation Training academy to a level 4 accreditation.

Is your accreditation recognised by local councils?

Yes, our accrediting body is fully recognised by all councils and government bodies.

What is a level 4 accreditation?

In efforts to raise the standards in the SMP industry, councils are now asking more frequently for trainees to become level 4 accredited, this accreditation ensures that trainees are trained to the highest standards possible.

Does your training include any equipment?

Yes, our beginners training includes a SMP machine, SMP needles, SMP pigment and ink cups to get you started.

Our experienced training includes SMP needles, SMP Pigment and ink cups to get you started.

Why doesn’t your Experienced training include a machine?

Some tattoo artist and permanent make up artists may already own a machine which is suitable to perform SMP and can bring this machine along with them for training.

If you do wish to add a machine to your Experienced training course, we can help with this also.

What is Forever Training?

Forever training is ongoing training for life in our online training group. Iccon International are the only SMP training academy to offer this level of support completely free of charge to help our trainees grow. When training with ourselves you receive your in class training but then continued learning online.

Does your training include accommodation?

We don’t offer accommodation as part of our training package but we do advise on accommodation close to our clinics which you can book directly.

Is your training recognised internationally?

Yes, we train many trainees from all around the world who successfully obtain insurance and licensing with our certificate. Our training is also accredited by an external accrediting body.

I’ve seen that some training providers teach just 2 hairline styles during their course, is this the same at Iccon International?

No, we teach you how to perform SMP treatments fully, including all hairline styles and all types of hair loss scenarios, including scars and Alopecia. We do not hold back on information with the hope to sell you more training, we want our trainees to become the best!

I want to train at your Thailand clinic location, do they speak fluent English?

Yes we do. Our staff at our Thailand clinic speak fluent Thai language, and fluent English and understand both languages fully. We also speak Filipino!

Can I really learn SMP over 3 or 4 days?

The answer is yes, as we offer a super intensive training course which teaches you all of the required skills to perform world class treatments, but it’s important not to confuse training with experience. Experience will come with time after your training course and with our continued support.

How do you require payment for training?

When booking a space on one of our training courses, we require a booking deposit of £500 to secure your space. We then ask for the remaining balance to be settled 14 days prior to training. This allows us to order in any equipment which is required ready for your training. Payments can be easily made online and our staff will direct you how to do so.

Can I pay for training when I arrive on the first day of training?

Unfortunately not. The last thing we would want is to take time out of training whilst processing payments as this wouldn’t be fair on your fellow trainees who are eager to get started. We require that your training balance is settled 14 days prior to training so that we can make the necessary arrangements ready for your arrival.

I want to join your group training but feel a little shy in groups, how can I overcome this?

Our training is delivered in a professional, but relaxed manner. Upon your arrival you will be greeted by your trainer, offered a drink whilst other trainees are arriving and before we start we have a introduction session where we all get to know each other. By the end of our courses, our trainees become friends and stay in touch with one another. We like to make our training a fun and enjoyable experience.

I’ve seen some of your trainees on your website, on other training providers websites. Why?

To put it simply, we re-trained them after they receive incorrect training elsewhere. To back up what we say, we suggest searching our social media and the other training providers social media and comparing the dates of the posts. Our posts will always have been posted after. To date, none of our trainees have needed to train elsewhere.

I’ve seen lower cost courses, why should I choose Iccon International?

As with anything, there will always be lower cost as well as more expensive options available. When training in an industry which involves permanent changes to your clients appearance, it’s extremely important that you have received the correct training. The SMP industry is currently unregulated meaning that anyone can claim to be a trainer even if they have only just trained themselves, needless to say that, they don’t have the crucial experience behind them to correctly teach SMP. This approach not only harms the SMP industry, but leaves trainees with no confidence to perform treatments therefore wasting their hard earned money.

With Iccon International you have some of the worlds most experienced trainers and practitioners at your disposal as well as fully accredited training, we have also re-trained many people who have not received the correct training elsewhere.

Will the training differ depending on which location i train at?

No, our training is the same across all locations and the same training schedule is followed by all of our trainers.

Where are your training locations?

We train from 3 of our locations:

Northampton, UK
London, UK
Bangkok, Thailand

How can I be sure that you will support me after training?

Visit our Facebook page ‘Iccon International’ where you will find our linked training support group with all of our members and daily posts. This group is strictly for our trainees only.

I’ve seen other training courses offering more or less days, why do you offer 3 or 4 days in class?

We have our in class training days to teach you the skills required to perform SMP, but in fact our training continues for much longer than 3 or 4 days as we continue to train you in our online training group.

What equipment does your training course include?

Our beginners training course includes a SMP machine, pigment, needles and ink cups to get you started, our experience training includes everything mentioned, minus a machine.

Do you offer ongoing support after I’ve completed my training?

Yes, all of our trainees are invited to join our online training support group, which can be accessed for life.

Can I get insurance to perform SMP with your certificate?

Yes, we are an insurance approved SMP training academy and all Iccon International trainees are able to obtain insurance upon completion of their training course.

I previously trained in SMP with another provider but can’t get any after support from them, if I was to re-train with Iccon International, what are my guarantees that I will receive after support?

We enjoy helping our trainees to grow and become great at SMP, The last thing we would want is for our trainees to be out there all alone with no support, this wouldn’t be good for our name or the SMP industry as a whole.

This is why we have our online training group which can be found attached to the top of the Iccon International Facebook page, take a look for yourself and we hope to see you in there in the near future!

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of my training course?

Yes, once you have completed your in class training, you will be awarded a certificate which will be signed by your trainer.

I’ve seen lower cost training providers, why should I choose Scalp Culture?

Experience – We have been in the SMP industry since 2010 and certainly know our stuff when it comes to anything SMP!

Quality – Our machines, needles and pigments are of the highest in quality, in fact we designed our own as others just were not up to our standard. Our training is delivered in a professional manner and clearly defined modules so that our trainees can gain a full understanding along the way.

Support – All Scalp Culture trainees receive true ongoing support for life in our online training group.

We feel that cost alone should not be the only defining factor when choosing your training provider, in fact we re-train many people who had previously opted to train with low cost training providers only to find that the training was not up to standard.

It’s also important to remember that the cost of your training, even with equipment will be fully covered by just 2 paying clients, that’s a pretty good deal!

At Scalp Culture we say “Train once, Train right”

Can I bring my own live model?

Yes, you are welcome to bring along your own live model if you wish, but please advise us of this before bringing them along so that we don’t over book models for the training course. We would also need to ensure that your model is a good candidate for treatment as a model.

How many trainees attend each course?

On average we train around 6 trainees per course.

How many live models will I work on?

You will work on a total of 2 live models during training and see 1 live demonstration treatment being performed. We see up to 12 live models during each training course, depending on how many trainees we have attending.

Do you provide live models?

Yes, we provide all live models for your training course. On the days of training you simply need to bring along yourself and a notepad.

How many days of in class training are included in your training course?

Beginners Training 4 days
Experienced Training 3 days

I’ve seen other training providers offer more or less days of training, why do you offer 3 or 4?

We feel that 3 to 4 days in class gives us the perfect balance for training, any longer than this and people start to feel worn out, any less than this simply isn’t enough time for us to teach you all of the required skills.

What’s more, after your in class training days, we continue training in our online support group which you have access to for life.

Do you train tattoo artists and permanent make up artists?

Yes, we welcome trainees from these backgrounds who wish to add SMP to their services. You would be required to attend our 3 day Experienced training course which jumps right into SMP itself. To attend our experienced training course, a minimum of 6 months in tattooing or permanent make up would be required.

Do I need to have previous experience in tattooing to train?

No, we welcome trainees with no previous experience whatsoever and have tailored training to teach you everything from start to finish. You would simply be required to attend our 4 day beginners training course.

How much experience do your trainers have?

Our trainers are some of the longest serving SMP providers in the world, entering the industry long before many knew it existed. We have gained a wealth of knowledge along the way, which we pass on to you as our trainee. All of our trainers are Master SMP practitioners and have used SMP to treat each and every type of hair loss. What our trainers don’t know about SMP simply isn’t worth knowing.

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