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The World’s Leading SMP Products Supplier & Training Provider

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The World’s Leading SMP Products Supplier

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Effortlessly Manage Your SMP Online Marketing While You Work

Automate lead responses across all channels your clients use:
  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Website Widget

Focus on what you are good at, treating clients while our automation platform manages your marketing responses.

New AI Chatbot

Are you spending countless hours responding to the same questions over and over?

Our AI chatbot is already trained on SMP frequently asked questions so we will only need to update its training with details about your business, location, and work hours and you are good to go! 
Now you have an AI assistant that responds to clients across all message channels 24/7, answers FAQs, and automatically books calls for you between your appointments.


Are you building a mailing list?

If not, you are missing one of the biggest marketing superpowers.

Imagine being able to hit a few buttons and generate bookings whenever you need them.

Our automation platform, combined with your website and social media accounts, will automatically build a valuable database of potential clients you can tap into anytime.

Key features of our marketing platform

  • CRM – Build a valuable list of potential clients.
  • Email Marketing – Automate emails, newsletters, and special offers.
  • Automation – Respond to website contacts, social media DMs, and email while you work.
  • Payments – Send payment links to clients for credit card and mobile payments.
  • Telephone – In and outbound calling with call recording.
  • Calendar – Book appointments with automated reminders for clients.
  • Messaging – FBM, Instagram, SMS, and WhatsApp communicate directly with clients.
  • Mobile App – Work from our mobile app or browser application on a laptop.
  • Analytics – Save on marketing expenses by knowing where your leads are coming from.

Ready To Take Your SMP Business To The Next Level with AI and Automation?

Platform service charge and support (required) £299.95 per month

Platform configuration and integration, as required starting at £798.95 one-off.

£19.95 per hour for advanced automation configurations and platform management.

SMP Trained AI Chatbot £998.95 setup.

Then £199.95 per month.

WhatsApp integration £49.95 per month

Have a question about our Automated Marketing Platform?

Contact us today to create a customized plan for your SMP business.

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